CenTraS research and teaching focus on specialisms such as audiovisual translation, specialised translation, translation technology and interpreting. As well as our popular postgraduate studies at MSc and PhD levels, CenTraS also offers a wide range of high-quality online, summer and short courses for professional development.

The TRAMA, Traducción y Comunicación en los Medios Audiovisuales, group was born from the spirit of joining forces among audiovisual translation professionals to jointly make advances in improving teaching and research in this field. The professionals who make up the group are members of the Department of Translation and Communication at the Universitat Jaume I and the Universitat de Valencia, and the group has been active for ten years. Its work focuses on audiovisual teaching and research, with a wide variety of lines of research and studies in this field.

As an educational space for higher training, the Universidad Pablo de Olavide is at the service of society and is defined as a place for reflection and critical thinking dedicated to contributing to progress, teaching respect for fundamental public rights and freedoms, promoting equality between men and women, solidarity and human values, and responding to the needs and problems of contemporary society.

AETI is the Asociación Española Universitaria de Traductores e Intérpretes en Formación (Spanish University Association of Translators and Interpreters in Training). Open and independent, it is a student association geared towards channeling and coordinating proposals to improve the conditions and capabilities of Translation and Interpretation university students and future professionals.

UniCo is a national professional association founded in 2005. It accepts style correctors, proofreaders and linguistic consultants.

The Universidad de Córdoba boasts two centuries of history. Founded under this name in 1972, its roots trace back to the Universidad Libre which operated in the province at the end of the 19th century, and it offers centenarian programs like Veterinary Medicine which are unique in Andalusia. Its youth and size -the UCO has 21,000 students; over 1,200 professors and 700 staff members- have given it the necessary dynamism to adapt and enter the 21st century as a university with high quality teaching and proven scientific solvency.
Studies at the UCO range from Humanities and Legal-Social Sciences to Health Sciences and scientific and technical degrees. These three areas correspond to the division into three large campuses: the social legal campus found in the center of the city; the health campus to the west of the city; and the Rabanales agri-food, scientific and technical campus to the east.

The Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Lingüística Aplicada (ILA) was conceived as a higher institute geared towards researching, forming, transferring and setting up a series of services related to language, able to formalize different lines of work and interdisciplinary projects to address the current existing demand of scientific, technical, social, economic and corporate interest.

The Xarxa – Red de Traductores e Intérpretes de la Comunidad Valenciana is a non-profit independent organization which looks out for the defense of the interests of translation and interpretation professionals in the Valencian Community.

ATRAE looks out for the needs and interests of audiovisual translators, adapters and audio describers in Spain and has established the following objectives:
· Unite audiovisual translation and adaptation professionals as well as audio describers, correctors and quality control managers in Spain in the same association and serve as a collective reference for organisms and institutions.
· Safeguard the interests and rights of members, both individual and collective, such as the subject of copyright.
· Offer training courses for sector professionals as well as those who are new to the sector.
· Create a job board with quality professionals and make it available to vendors in the audiovisual sector.

CENTRO CULTURALE ITALIANO The only center specializing in teaching Italian language in culture in Seville since 2001 with Italian courses from beginner to advanced levels.