The Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción (ISTRAD) is a higher academic institution geared towards promoting instrumental and translational linguistic teaching and research as a part of post-graduate education and professional specialization.

ASPROSET is the acronym for the Asociación Sectorial de Proveedores de Servicios de Traducción, a non-profit association founded in June 2013. It combines legal entities which voluntarily request affiliation and whose main dedication is to activities in translation, interpretation, localization, internationalization and similar within the language industry.

Cosnautas, your resource platform for medical translation and communication. Access reference dictionaries for the sector, including Fernando Navarro’s Libro rojo, in just one click and enjoy a fast and intuitive interface that is constantly being updated.

For more than 20 years, TransPerfect has provided comprehensive language and technology solutions to help our clients communicate and conduct business more effectively in a global marketplace.

Founded in 1987, iDISC’s mission is to help companies and organizations share any content, in any language and in any format. To do so, the company’s work deals not only with the linguistic area, but also with technology, which includes the automation of processes to meet objectives in a way that is more efficient and easier for the client.

TRADNOLOGIES is a linguistic services provider founded by translators in 2006 with extensive experience in technical translation projects and the localization of software, web pages and apps.
Our keywords are: #localization, #testing, #QA, #revision, #translation, #proofreading, #science, #IT, #marketing, #engineering, #medicine, #4eyesPrinciple, #law, #thoroughness, #timeliness, #apps, #telecommunications, #CAT, #web, #transcriptions, #sports, #gastronomy, #exceedingexpectations , #tourism, #post-editing, #DTP…

Hello, we’re Superbritánico.
We design books and products for lovers of English and British culture. We are unique. We drink tea with milk. We use miles, feet and stone. We love red telephone boxes and double-decker buses. We’re obsessed with queues. We love talking about the weather (the rain in Seville is a marvellous thing). We’re punctual and excessively polite. We start each sentence with sorry and we say please all the time.
And sorry, we speak British and you don’t.

Gespoint Software specializes in management software for translation companies (agencies and freelance translators). Their programs automate multi-lingual project management, billing, subcontracting projects, accounting, treasury management and submitting taxes. Gespoint Translator offers advanced functionality through optional modules such as CRM, WEB (Intranet), Quality, Multicurrency, Accounting, Document Management, etc., exclusively for the translation sector.

Local Concept is an American company with a presence in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Michael R. Cárdenas, who was raised in Cáceres, moved to San Diego. While attending college, he started his translation career, as a freelancer, focusing on the legal field. In 1985 he started Multilingual Translations, which became Local Concept.
Local Concept stands out because of our customer service, quality initiatives, 360 degree out-of-the-box philosophy. (The only company I know of that has held a party in three different time zones at the same time) and commitment to employees, which, ultimately are the main ingredient to our success.

If you want your content to be relevant for the general public, it needs to be translated. However, translation is more than simply transferring a text to another language. Your content is completely useless if your client cannot understand it. With over 1100 in-house translators, a network of more than 12,000 qualified freelance translators who have passed rigorous tests and meet the necessary requirements, and ISO 17100:2015 certification, SDL language services offers the unmatched ability to provide custom quality translations.

ANETI, the Spanish association for the translation industry. Created in 2006, ANETI now includes approximately forty companies around Spain offering specialized translation services who share the same concern: offering their clients a quality service that provides genuine added value to their projects and objectives.

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